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By Jennifer Yemu Li Chiang

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Twitch, a live-streaming platform from Amazon, is where users can seek live video game and esports tournaments and streamers can earn money easily with as few as 50 followers. However, the ever-increasing number of streamers has fueled a dog-eat-dog competition on the platform. Many newcomers are struggling with how to get viewers on Twitch.

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If you are in the same boat, scroll down to learn 18 proven strategies for expanding your audience!

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The key to attracting more viewers on Twitch is to understand your target audience and competitors to create tailored and unique content. Also, it’s best to engage with your audience and connect with other streamers to broaden your community. Using Twitch Alerts, Twitch Drops, tags, running events, and promoting your videos are other tricks to consider.

Study Your Target Audience And Competitor

Identifying the target audience sets the stage for your account. Who are you trying to attract? What games do they love to watch? Do some research to understand the followers’ interests and preferences to tailor your content accordingly. This will help you tailor your content to hit the right spot.

Additionally, it is crucial to find out what popular streamers are doing, examine the game leaders, and analyze their strategies. Learn from the top dogs, but don’t be a copycat! Seek inspiration from their success, tie it to your strength, and create your unique ideas and values. 

Add Compelling Titles

Unlike YouTube, Twitch users cannot grab the video’s content through thumbnails. The platform selects a random moment from your stream and sets it automatically, which can be a gamble. That’s why a killer title can strike really hard when users are browsing relentlessly through tons of videos. For example, try using shocking words to pique their curiosity and drive more clicks.

Add Compelling Titles

However, clickbait is a recipe for disaster; while it might get a click, doing so can hurt your reputation and viewer trust in the end. Instead, use capital letters or emojis to make your titles stand out among a sea of content. You should also add a CTA to spark excitement and encourage immediate conversion.

Set Up Twitch Alerts

Alerts on screen are a fantastic feature that adds a layer of excitement to your stream. They flash on the screen and create a sound effect when a viewer subscribes or donates to your channel.

As far as we’ve seen, this minor tactic fosters a strong bond with the audience and motivates them to return for future content. It also encourages viewers to donate to your videos, ultimately boosting your income.

For these reasons, creators often customize Twitch alerts as a signature of their accounts. The choices are endless; insert funny memes, explore the available creative templates, you name it!

Make Friends

Undoubtedly, people who know you are more likely to engage with your stream than regular viewers. Make new friends, bond upon shared interests or simply positive chats, and you might see an unexpected increase in viewers one day.

If you want to apply this method to your account, join the Discord server – a crowded hub for online players. After connecting with like-minded people, you can invite these newfound friends to your platform. Remember to enable Discord Streamer mode, which allows them to see whenever you live stream and direct them to your stream.

Build Connections With Other Streamers

Connecting with other streamers is a wise strategy to foster meaningful relationships within the streaming community. By becoming an active viewer on different channels, you can establish a foundation for mutual support.

This also opens the doors to future collaboration opportunities – another basic strategy worth trying. Forge relationships with fellow streamers with the same target audience. Sometimes, they may raid viewers to your account after their content ends.

Upload Your VODs To YouTube

Based on our research, Twitch is not the ideal place for discovering new content. In other words, viewers may find it ineffective to reach new streamers through Twitch. Hence, you should build a community outside of the platform first and then direct them to your Twitch account.

Regarding this, YouTube is a wonderful place to start, offering a vast pool of potential audiences and powerful search functions. You can build a substantial fanbase with engaging content and the right algorithms by leveraging these resources. Just take an extra step by adding your CTA and Twitch link to the YouTube video description, and your Twitch channel will receive some organic followers.

Promote Clips On Other Social Media Platforms

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Compared to other media platforms, Twitch is still geared towards niche audiences, so why not employ other platforms to expand the follower base? 

To share your content on other platforms, cut the most captivating moments from your live streams using the built-in Twitch Clips Manager or third-party tools. Then, promote these short videos to TikTok, Instagram Reels, or Facebook Watch.

Alternatively, enable the Clip function, which allows your viewers to capture the most interesting or fun content and send it back to you. Download these materials, organize them, and re-upload them on some common sites. Do not forget to add a link to your Twitch channel to convert users on these platforms.

Run Special Events

Once you’ve gotten off the ground on Twitch for a while, you might see a stall or stagnant growth in followers. In this case, running special events is an effective way to attract new viewers. One popular idea is hosting a giveaway accompanied by challenges and enticing rewards.

From our experience, your request should encourage viewers to share your account or content with their friends, aiming to spread its influence. It is also advisable to generate buzz on other platforms, which can dramatically increase the number of followers.

Additionally, planning a charity stream is a powerful way to captivate viewers. Purpose-driven events attract more viewers than regular content as they contribute to a meaningful vision.

A subathon, the combined format of subscription and marathon, is worth a try. Set a countdown timer at the beginning of the stream. Every time a new subscriber to your content, the remaining time is extended.

Utilize Twitch Drops

The Twitch Drops can benefit game developers and streamers significantly. Simply put, this function allows viewers to receive game rewards by watching streams in the Drops campaigns. 

Thanks to this, game developers can obtain the data necessary for their product development through these promotions. Meanwhile, streamers can participate in these campaigns and expect new viewers to reach their channel automatically. 

Go to your dashboard, tap Viewer Rewards>Drops, and toggle Enable Drops. Select the relevant campaign from the list and refer to its requirements. Follow the provided instructions and go live.

Enhance Your Production Quality

The distance between a well-prepared stream and a janky one can be thousands of views! It is crucial to invest in streaming equipment to improve visual and audio quality, for example:

  • A standard lamp set for a well-lit environment.
  • A high-quality webcam and mic are needed to ensure great image and sound quality.
  • Professional overlays and backgrounds for enhanced visual appeal.

Stream More Often

Why stream more? Let’s take a look at xQc. While many streamers take a few days off each week and stream for a few hours per day, xQc stands out by adopting a unique approach. According to statistics, his stream only went off for 17 days, and his average working time was 9.2 hours daily. This dedicated work ethic has rewarded him with a community of over 11 million followers.

You can also apply a similar strategy to keep your followers entertained and engaged all the time. Several studies have proven that streaming at least 3 hours a day boosts your search rankings and expands your reach to potential viewers. Develop a consistent streaming schedule and stick to it!

Stick To A Unique Concept

While following current trends is a viable strategy, it is always vital to maintain your unique identity. Setting yourself apart from the crowd and staying true to yourself is key to retaining viewers and creating a lasting impact.

For example, Burke Black has gained more than 300,000 followers with a captivating pirate concept. His somewhat silly actions caught the attention of Twitch users, proving the power of establishing your identity.

Of course, Burke Black is just one example among many streamers who have discovered their unique values. Carve out your niche instead of replicating what’s been done countless times.

Engage With Your Community

Interact with your audience frequently to inject liveliness into your live broadcasts. If you do not feel comfortable sharing your thoughts, ask questions and read comments to keep the conversation going. Another effective approach is to remember the names of loyal viewers through chat logs and give them a special shout-out during the stream.

Regardless, interaction with your fans guarantees positive results. First, they make your audience feel appreciated and motivated to stay longer in the stream. Chatting also boosts the popularity of your channel because Twitch’s algorithm prioritizes videos with strong engagement, increasing your content’s visibility.

Your choice of game plays a vital role in how far your stream can reach. An older or lesser-known game often attracts a smaller audience, say, fewer than 100 visitors. For instance, the old legend Crash Bandicoot only has 5 streamers, but each channel only gets about 10 viewers.

Meanwhile, famous titles are a double-edged sword. While you can benefit from the thriving community, the competition is fierce. While users tend to discover gaming content using the Browse function, the algorithm recommends content based on the number of viewers. And you may be buried at the bottom of the page.

So what to stream on Twitch to get viewers? Ideally, choose a popular title where you rank 3rd based on the visitors you typically receive.

Avoid Peak Times

The golden time for live streams is still in debate. Some believe it is easier to captivate viewers during peak hours when Twitch users are most active.

On the other hand, opposites argue that competition is extremely intense during this time. With more options available to users, drawing their attention to your stream becomes challenging.

According to our research, the ideal time for live streaming is between 12 pm and 9 am PST. You get a decent viewership while facing less competition. However, doing further research on the local time zones of influential streamers in your field is essential.

Use Twitch Tags

Never underestimate the importance of tags in your videos! They serve as a taxonomy for the content on your channel to lead potential viewers to your channel from search and directory pages.

For example, when you add the “English” tag to your materials, you are likely to be found by those who search for an English-speaking streamer. Over 350 different tags are available, including custom, category, and automatic options, giving you great flexibility to direct and manage your community.

Custom Your Channel

One competitive advantage of Twitch is its built-in settings to make your stream more engaging. The platform allows streamers to design their overlays, including frames, transitions, and images that will appear throughout the live.

It would help if you customized panels to match the overall theme. These functions apply to most sections of the account, such as instructions, donations, media links, FAQs, etc.

Once you upgrade your account to Affiliate or Partner tier, you gain access to an emoji collection that further enhances your uniqueness. Regardless of personalized details, the key is to maintain consistency and relevance on your account.


Should I Hide Twitch Follower Count?

The final decision depends on your development strategy. If you find that the average viewer count hinders your opportunities for cooperation or engagement, simply hide it.

Do Bots Count As Casual Viewers on Twitch?

Absolutely, NO. Bots are considered fake viewers because they do not keep up with your stream.

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Building a loyal community on Twitch takes time and effort. However, by using these strategic approaches, your channel will attract more viewers soon. Remember that follower growth is not an overnight success. Stay patient and consistent, deliver high-quality content, keep engaged with your audience, and good deeds will come!

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