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Musefind Features US $1000/month US $2000/month US $5000/month Request a Quote
Dedicated Campaign Manager
Social Channels
Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, etc.
1 2 4 All Supported Platforms
Number of Active Campaigns 1 2 5 Unlimited
Number of Users
Unique login ID's with different levels of access.
1 2 5 Unlimited
Live Chat
Live chat is used for brands and influencers to communicate directly.
Advanced Features Advanced Features
Proprietary Curation Process
MuseFind's process identifies relevant influencers that match a brand's criteria.
Image Pre-Approval
HD Image Download N/A
Campaign Analytics Basic Advanced Cross Campaign Cross Campaign
Hashtag Verification
Influencers who misspell a hashtag or forget to use #ad or #sponsored to comply with the FTC get flagged.
Manage Existing Influencers
Brands can add influencers they currently work with in the platform and manage them.
Content Licensing *
Link Tracking
Trackable link associated with a post/video that provides information on potential customers and can help trace sales conversions.
Manage Influencer Lists
Brands can “favorite” influencers they have worked with in the past and add them to lists. Influencers from lists can easily be added to new campaigns.
Psychographic Audience Analysis

All Packages Run For a Minimum of 90 Days

*Content Licensing: Brands can repost influencers' content on their own social media channels with credit to the influencer. Content licensing allows brands to own rights to the content and repurpose it without crediting influencers (if outside of social media channels) and/or for advertising purposes (brand's website, Facebook ads, e-mail marketing, etc.). Additional fees may apply.
*Influencer Payments: MuseFind leverages your brand equity to pre-negotiate and standardize influencers' rates using a dynamic pricing formula. The retail value of your product or service may also contribute to the influencer compensation. Influencer monetary compensation is not included in the monthly software fee and differs on a per-campaign basis.