Frequently asked questions – Muse Find


What is Musefind?

We are an end-to-end software platform that connects your brand with millions of hyper-targeted consumers through content created by social media Influencers.

How does it work?

MuseFind is a software tool with a team of dedicated campaign managers who takes care of your entire influencer marketing campaign.

We use a powerful machine learning algorithm to match you with influencers based the content they’re creating and demographics of their audiences, among other factors.
We also take care of you back and forth conversations with influencers at scale – no more spreadsheets or notepads!

We’re the only platform to standardize sponsorship rates with influencers- whether you work with influencers for products only, or you have a sponsorship budget, we will find the perfect fit!

How do you comply with FTC regulations?

We ask influencers to use the hashtags #ad or #sponsored with each posts to comply with the FTC regulations.


Can I use influencers’ content elsewhere?

Under the creative common section you can repost any social media picture as long as you tag the influencer to give them credit. It’s definitely better to ask for their permission as a courtesy, but not mandatory. Generally they are flattered because it gives them more exposure which helps them increase their following. However, the picture cannot be modified in any way!

Where can I see the products I have shipped so far?

In the campaign under collaborators/ table view (it can also be exported as an Excel file).


How do I upload my photos?

See this link for a guided tutorial. You can drag and drop the file to upload by going to the campaign admin view, clicking admin/collab, then clicking on the influencer.

Where can I insert my Instagram link?

Same as before, go on the campaign admin view, click admin/collab then click on the influencer and insert the link.

What if I receive the product and don’t like it?

We request you send the product back to the brand at your expense.

The product I have received is defective/broken. What do I do?

The brand will pay for the shipping fee if the product has to be sent back due to defects or if the product is broken.