How To Find Amazon Influencer Storefront: 5 Methods

By Jennifer Yemu Li Chiang

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With the rise of social media, teaming up with Amazon Affiliates is no longer the only available route. That’s right; Amazon is now partnering with millions of global influencers to expand its reach! 

If you’re an Amazon brand looking to leverage the power of social media, feel free to do so. But first, let us show you how to find influencer storefronts on Amazon and determine whether they’ll fit your online presence. 

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What Is An Amazon Storefront?

Amazon Storefront

The term refers to a custom page on Amazon designed specifically for influencers and content creators to curate and promote all the products they recommend. Think of it as a one-stop shop for their followers and potential customers, with some special key features as follows: 

Curated Product Selection

Influencers can choose and add specific products from the Amazon catalog to their storefront. 

The store can be personalized with a profile picture, cover photo, banner image, and a bio that connects them with the target audience. That way, their follower base will find it easier to discover all their recommendations in one place. 

Earning Commissions

When someone clicks from the storefront and makes a purchase on Amazon, influencers earn a commission on those qualifying purchases. Not much different from the Amazon Associates program we are all familiar with!


Most influencers share their storefront link across social media accounts to drive more traffic to their advertising products. 

How To Search For An Amazon Storefront

You can visit Amazon Live, where influencers do live streams and recommend products, or try the $FoundItOnAmazon feature to see trendy items backed by top content creators. 

Another option is to scan their TikTok or Instagram profiles (or dig through product-related posts or stories) for bio links or mentions of the stores. If they’re active on Facebook, look for a “Shop” button. 

How about social media influencers with a YouTube channel? In that case, check out their About page or video descriptions to see if there’s a store URL! 

Method 1. Use Amazon Live

Use Amazon Live
  • Head to the Amazon Live home page, where videos and live streams from affiliates and influencers are hosted in real time. (Click this link or search “Amazon Live”!) While watching the live streams, you can access and shop for the products they recommend. 
  • Go to Featured Creators to see product videos from the most popular storefront influencers; click on their names, and their videos will pop up instantly. 
  • You may also click “Discover” to find ongoing and upcoming videos/ live streams from various influencers. Plus, the “Browse” button allows you to explore all the influencers’ past videos, live streams, and recommendations sorted by category. 

Method 2. Use #FoundItOnAmazon

Amazon influencer

This feature lets you discover stylish and trendy items promoted by top influencers and content creators. 

  • Visit the #FoundItOnAmazon page (click here or enter”#FoundItOnAmazon” into the search bar), then pick a topic to see related product categories.
  • Click on one category to view products handpicked by the Amazon influencer. For instance, you might land upon the Modern Cats Furniture category curated by Cleo Bengal, a famous influencer on pet products. 
  • If you like a particular influencer or want to keep tabs on them for future collaborations, hit “Follow” in that category. 

Method 3. Use TikTok or Instagram

amazon influencer on Tiktok

To access an influencer’s Amazon storefront:

  • Start by checking their TikTok or Instagram bio for a direct link. Look for a URL like
  • But what if you can’t find any specific Amazon link on their bio? No worries! Many influencers and brands we work with have a central/main link page where we can see all their social media links, including their storefronts. 

Also, you can search for the storefronts in their Instagram stories or posts. More often than not, influencers might have mentioned or shared details about these stores in their previous content, so make sure to scan through their upload history!

Another simple yet effective alternative is using popular hashtags. Here are some Amazon-related hashtags you can try out to discover influencers currently promoting products on Amazon: 

  • #amazoninfluencer
  • #amazon
  • #amazonhome
  • #amazonfinds
  • #amazondeals
  • #amazonfashionfinds
  • #amazonfashion
  • #musthaves
  • #founditonamazon

Method 4. Use Facebook

  • Visit their Facebook page.
  • Look for the “Shop” button and click on it.
  • You will be directed straight to their Amazon storefront (of course, provided they have linked that store to the Facebook page).

Method 5. Use Youtube

To find relevant influencer profiles on YouTube:

  • Enter “Amazon Product Reviews” (along with the specific category or product you want to explore) into the search bar. Examples: Amazon Product Review Skincare, Amazon Product Review Beauty, Amazon Product Review Lifestyle, etc.
  • Check the Youtuber’s About page or a clip description for a URL to their Amazon storefront.


Our guide has discussed how to find an Amazon storefront. Since influencers use their own social media profiles to promote Amazon products, they are very likely to include custom vanity URLs in their bios or blog posts. Finding those links is usually a no-brainer.

But what if you haven’t yet had any favorite influencer in mind? In that case, visiting Amazon Live or browsing relevant hashtags is a smart way to discover promising names.

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